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In Massachusetts, child custody matters are resolved with the best interests of the child being at the heart of the case. Judges review all documents and details of a situation in order to determine the best arrangement that may facilitate the child’s growth and protect his or her well-being.

Custody cases can be highly contested and very emotional for parents and children alike. Whether you were married to the other parent of your child or never in a relationship, a knowledgeable child custody lawyer can help. At Victor A. Denaro & Associates, I handle all aspects of child custody and visitation cases, including modifications of already-established court orders for clients in Framingham, Marlborough and throughout the surrounding Massachusetts communities.

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Legal custody is a type of custody that pertains to the decision-making capability a parent has for a child. If one parent has legal custody, it means that he or she makes major decisions regarding things like education, health, medical care, emotional growth and religion. In Massachusetts, even if a parent has sole legal custody, the child cannot be permanently moved from Massachusetts without prior approval from the court or other parent. Some parents share legal custody, leaving them to agree on all of the important decisions that affect their child or children. Joint legal custody is very common.

Physical Custody

Physical custody refers to the time the child physically spends with each parent. Joint physical custody is uncommon, with sole physical custody typically being awarded to one parent in order to create more stability for the child. Most judges also try to keep siblings together whenever possible. Children live with the parent who has physical custody, called the custodial parent, with that parent being responsible for daily decisions on behalf of the child.


In situations where parents are not awarded any type of custody, they may be allowed visitation rights. This noncustodial parent may spend time with the child during the week, on weekends or on vacations, depending on each individual case and situation. Supervised visitation may be required if there is any concern about the child’s safety.

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