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Victor A. Denaro & Associates provides legal services to Metrowest clients primarily in three areas of the law.

The first is Family Law which includes pre-nuptial agreements, divorce, child support, child custody, visitation, paternity matters and division of assets and liabilities in underlying divorce actions. Modifications of prior divorce matters including custody, visitation, child support and other orders of the prior Court Judgment which need to be modified because there has been a substantial change in circumstances since the order was put in place by the Court. All of these matters are analyzed on an individual case by case basis as the facts of every Family Law case are different and form the basis of the case that must be persuasively presented to the Court in order to achieve a successful outcome.

In each Family Law matter the risks and benefits of each course of action as well as the associated expenses of litigation are weighed with the client, so that they may make an informed decision relative to proceeding with a particular course of legal action. Unlike other attorneys, an effort is made to determine the likelihood of success weighed against the costs associated with the action for attorneys fees and expenses. Only once those decisions have been assessed, can a client make an informed decision on whether to pursue a legal course of conduct, the potential likelihood of success and the costs and legal fees expected to be incurred to reach the desired outcome.

The second area of law that is practiced is Bankruptcy Law which includes representation of people who are experiencing financial difficulties for a number of reasons. Victor A. Denaro & Associates only represents debtors who are having financial difficulties and never creditors who are seeking collection. Both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies are handled for clients. Each client is provided a detailed explanation of the process for both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. The particular financial circumstances of each person seeking help are reviewed and analyzed before prospective client can make an informed decision on whether or not it makes sense to seek bankruptcy protection or work with creditors to see if other negotiated settlements can occur. Customarily bankruptcy cases are handled on a fixed fee basis, so that all legal services are covered by the one-time fixed fee. Often the fixed fee can be paid on a payment plan.

The final area of law that is practiced is Business Law including business formation, counseling and representation. This usually involves the initial incorporation of a business, or purchase of an on-going business, as well as representing the ongoing business relative to contracts, commercial leases, non-disclosure agreements, litigation, corporate compliance issues, etc. Initial incorporation or business formations are customarily handled on a fixed fee basis, so that all start up costs for legal services and state filing fees are covered, so that there are no surprises relative to getting the business up and running with the appropriate corporate protections in place. It is important that all legal formalities be completed, not just the filing of the Articles of Incorporation, so that the corporate protections afforded by incorporation are valid and enforceable should litigation or any claims be made against the business. Often times people will use popularly advertised legal forms providers to complete incorporation, only to learn that all of the vital steps to get corporate protection were not completed and therefore corporate protection is not available when a claim or lawsuit is filed against the business.

As with all areas of representation, Victor A. Denaro & Associates offers a free one- hour initial consultation an all legal matters.

Victor A. Denaro the principal attorney has more than 30 years experience successfully representing clients in these areas of the law.

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