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When family legal issues arise, it is important to retain a lawyer who can guide you through the confusing, emotional times that are sure to lie ahead.

I am Massachusetts family law attorney Victor Denaro, and I help clients address common family law issues in a practical and cost-effective manner. With 30 years of experience, I have a keen sense for which battles are worth fighting and which are not. Victor A. Denaro & Associates serves individuals in Framingham, Marlborough and surrounding Massachusetts communities who are dealing with a family law issue.

If you are divorcing and want a family lawyer who will help you avoid the common and costly traps that couples fall into when they make decisions based out of fear, revenge, hostility or other toxic emotions, contact me. Call (508) 620-5320.

For All of Your Family Law Needs

If you are considering filing for divorce, you probably already know that you will confront a number of additional issues during that process. I can help you address all of the following matters:

These are the key issues that will be resolved by settlement or trial — of course, the resolution will always be quicker if reached by agreement rather than litigation. It is important that you select a lawyer who is a good match for your own values in this respect. My goal is to get your divorce completed in the most cost-effective way: litigation is reserved for cases in which a reasonable compromise is just not possible. If your lawyer does not possess good trial skills and experience, or is unwilling to try the case if necessary, then you are at a disadvantage. Litigation is always an option, but it is never the goal.

Each action I take is made with an eye toward both the emotional and legal costs fully considered. I will give you an overview of the options available to you, explain the latitude a judge has in making a final judgment and give you a frank assessment of the likely outcome. Then I will help you make smart choices.

Get Solutions You Can Trust From a Framingham Family Law Lawyer

Divorce and other family law issues are fueled by emotion. Pick an attorney who can be the voice of reason at a time when your judgment might be clouded. With decades of experience under my belt, I have the experience and perspective you need at a time like this. Contact me to discuss your situation. The consultation is free. Call (508) 620-5320.

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