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Bankruptcy/Debt Negotiation

Debt Negotiation 2014
Client retained us for a pending lawsuit in local District Court for credit card debt in excess of $23,000.00. Client responded to Complaint filed Answer and was able to have case dismissed with prejudice so that it cannot be brought again. Client paid $0 to Plaintiff to resolve case.

Debt Negotiation 2013
Client with 5 outstanding credit cards long past due with a total balance on the cards in excess of $38,000.00 requested debt negotiation and work out of the accounts. The workouts began in May 2013 and were completed by October 2013. All 5 accounts were negotiated and settled. The amount paid on all of the accounts was $13,858 resulting in an average savings of 64%.

Bankruptcy 2013
Single client in retail sales with $46,000.00 in credit card debt filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and was Discharged from all of the debt and kept 100% of her assets including her condominium.

Bankruptcy 2013
Client who had been laid off from her long term employment in the computer industry filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and was discharged from $246,000.00 of debt which included a $148,000.00 mortgage that had been foreclosed. Client kept all of her assets including her 401(k) retirement plan valued at $122,000.00 on the date of the filing of the bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy 2013
Clients a husband and wife with several outstanding lawsuits and judgments against them filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy. They were discharged from $147,000.00 in unsecured credit card debt and were able to keep 100% of their assets which were valued at $302,000.00 including a $40,000.00 backhoe. Their annual income at the time of the filing of the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy was $64,000.00.

Bankruptcy 2013
Husband and wife filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy and were discharged from $472,000.00 of debt which included a $356,000.00 mortgage which had been foreclosed and $116,000.00 of primarily credit card debt. The client’s income at the time of the filing of the petition was $6,700.00 per month.

Credit Card workout of 12 credit card obligations. Total unsecured obligation $115,639. Payments in workouts $37,493. Final settlement of Credit card obligations reduced by 68%.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy 60 month plan approved. Payments $132 per month. Client upside down on home. Stripped off Home Equity Line of Credit that was unsecured on Residence in the amount of $78,000.00 as well as $20,000.00 in unsecured credit card debt. Plan payments on unsecured debt are 2.81%

Chapter 13 bankruptcy 36 month plan. Payments $638.00 per month. Client upside down on home. Stripped off Home Equity Line of Credit that was unsecured on Residence in the amount of $30,000.00, and second mortgage that was unsecured in the amount of $58,000.00, as well as paying unsecured only 5% of outstanding debt.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy client receives discharge on unsecured debt, credit cards in the amount of $79,000. Keeps all other assets as well as condominium and 2010 vehicle, by continuing to make the regular monthly payments.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy client receives discharge on unsecured credit card debt in the amount of $46,000. Client retains condominium and vehicle as well as all other assets.

Credit Card Workout of 9 unsecured credit card obligations in the total amount of $87,000. 9 accounts settled in the amount of $33,600. Savings to client more than 61%.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy client receives discharge on $95,000 in unsecured credit card obligations.

Debt Restructuring
Client with $21,500 in unsecured credit card debt, sought bankruptcy or debt reduction. Debt reduction pursued with creditors including one that had already obtained Court Judgment. Debt reduced to $5,750 and paid off for a savings of 74%.

Bankruptcy Discharge
Client, afternoon before foreclosure sale in 2004, sought protection from foreclosure. Filed skeleton petition that afternoon and later completed petition and a Chapter 13 Plan. Saved home and after 60 month payment plan client was discharged in October 2009, from unsecured debt and kept home.

Debt Restructuring
Client’s husband died on Labor Day weekend leaving her with four young children, a significant loss of income and significant marital credit card debt. Client was seeking bankruptcy or debt reduction. Debt reduction with four largest credit cards resulted in a reduction of amount owed from $ 44,387.10 to $25,036.65, for a reduction of 43.6%.

Bankruptcy Discharge
Client’s filed joint petition pursuant to Chapter 7 and were discharged from $ 470,000 in secured debt for a mortgage and $46,000 in unsecured credit card and personal loans.

Bankruptcy Discharge
Client filed individual Chapter 7 and received discharge from $ 107,000 in unsecured credit card debt after loss of employment.

Debt Negotiation
Client who resides out of state had a judgment against him from a creditor in the amount of $5,900.00, with an outstanding warrant for failure to appear in the court proceedings. The Judgment was 3 years old. The debt was negotiated from $5,900.00 to two lump sum payments of $1,000.00 for a full settlement and release of the claim for $2,000.00, resulting in a 66% reduction of the debt.

Bankruptcy Discharge
Client had fallen more than 1 year behind on mortgage and the home was foreclosed. Although the home was purchased in 2005 for $392,000.00, the current value was $295,000. The Client was upside down on the mortgage as he had a first and second mortgage in the total amount of $397,000.00. The client had reduced income because of the loss of hours at work and incurred credit card and other unsecured debt of $59,000.00. Two court actions from credit card companies were stopped at the district court when the Debtor filed Chapter 7. Debtor after filing the petition kept his meager assets and was discharged from all of the secured and unsecured debt.

Debt Negotiation 2011
Client with 14 outstanding credit cards long past due with a total balance on the cards in excess of $120,000.00 requested debt negotiation and work out of the accounts. The workouts began in May 2011 and were completed by January 2012. All 14 accounts were negotiated and settled. The amount paid on all of the accounts was $48,000.00 resulting in an average savings of 60%.

Bankruptcy 2011
Client with household income of $84,000.00 annually, was above the means test by more than $20,000.00 to qualify for a chapter 7, but still qualified to file a Chapter 7 as a result of computing the standard allowances used by the means test formula on the 56 question means test portion of the bankruptcy petition. Additionally, the Chapter 7 filing stopped 3 Collection Lawsuits filed against my client and permanently extinguished them upon the discharge by the Bankruptcy Court. Client received a discharge. Client kept all of his assets and was discharged from more than $45,000.00 of unsecured credit card debt.

Bankruptcy 2011
Husband and wife with monthly income of $6,500.00 qualified to file a Chapter 7 petition. The clients kept all of their assets worth approximately $30,000.00, and were discharged from $80,000.00 of debt. Again as in all chapter 7 petitions with zero repayment to the discharged debt.

Debt Negotiation 2012
Client with outstanding lawsuit and judgment against him in the amount of $11,000.00 on Credit card obligation. Case negotiated, suit dismissed and final settlement reached in the amount of $4,000.00. Case resolved within 3 weeks of initial client meeting.

Debt Negotiation 2012
Client with outstanding credit card claim in hands of a collection attorney in amount of $8,900.00. Claim settled within 2 weeks of initial retention on case. Claim settled for one time 50% payment as full satisfaction of debt.


Divorce case settlement 2013
Client, who applied for social security benefits in 2013, learned that in order to receive benefits under her current name she had to provide a copy of her divorce decree. Client and her husband who married at a young age in 1965 represented themselves and filed a petition for divorce in 1988 and appeared for an uncontested hearing in the spring or early summer of 1988 for approval of their divorce agreement. Client was unable to locate the decree and contacted counsel when she could not locate it. Our office researched the docket sheets contacted vital statistics and spoke with probate clerks who were present in 1988 and learned that in 1988 there was a brief period of time when both Suffolk County and Middlesex County shared court house space and it was believed that the case file was lost. Counsel then proceeded to draft a new agreement which both parties agreed to and also presented a motion to the Middlesex Probate Court to allow the divorce Nun Pro Tunc to June 1, 1988, which means that the court would allow the current proceeding to have retroactive effect to June 1, 1988 to preserve the client’s claim for social security and the husband’s marriage to his second wife which took place in 1989. Counsel cited the case of Perkins v. Perkins 225 Mass. 392 (1917), which stands for the proposition that the “function of an order Nunc Pro Tunc in general is to put upon the record and to render efficacious some finding, direction or adjudication of the court, made actually or inferentially at an earlier term and which by accident, mistake or oversight was not made a matter of record, or to validate some proceeding actually taken but by oversight or mistake not authorized, or to prevent a failure of justice resulting directly or indirectly from delay in court proceedings subsequent to a time when judgment, order or decree ought to and would have been entered…”. The parties appeared before the Probate and Family Court in Middlesex County and the divorce was granted Nunc Pro Tunc to June 1, 1988, thereby allowing the client to receive Social Security and preserving the husband’s second marriage and legitimacy of his children.

Divorce 2013
Client a high profile person connected to the television and entertainment industry was able to negotiate a divorce settlement after a brief but very contentious litigation period. In effect the parties were able to mediate the case with just clients and counsel and worked towards a reasonable settlement. The settlement included the division of marital assets, division of retirement accounts and division of marital debt. The agreement also provided for custody and a visitation schedule both parties could live with. The case was filed and fully resolved with an agreement approved by the Probate and Family Court within 7 months of the filing of the Complaint.

Divorce Client reaches negotiated settlement on divorce of short duration marriage. Client received all funds he paid for Wife’s education and expenses paid including shopping trips. Case settlement achieved within six months of initial meeting.

Divorce Client with children and real estate reaches settlement and Court approves Divorce Agreement. Settlement and court approval occur within 4 months of initial client contact. Client retains house free of all claims of husband. Marriage of 11 years.

Divorce Trial Judgment
Represented husband, $4.2 marital estate, judgment for husband 57.5%, wife 42.5%. Prior to trial wife demanded 70% of assets. At trial Judge found wife’s extravagant lifestyle wasted marital assets.

Divorce Settlement
Represented husband, estate worth 2.1 million. Husband received equal split on homes receiving vacation house. Wife retained marital home. Husband also got 50% of retirement accounts and investment accounts that were primarily derived from gifts from wife’s father during this 14 year marriage. Valuation date for division was June 2008. By the time the wife made all of the transfers the stock market decline of fall of 2008 resulted in the husband receiving about 80% of the actual value because of fixing of June 2008 valuation date.

Divorce Case Settlement 2012
Client with young child sought divorce from spouse with significant alcohol and drug addiction issue. Uncontested divorce with divorce agreement and final hearing reached within 4 months of attorney retention. Spouse with addiction issues relinquished custody and has strict supervised child visitation.

Divorce Case Settlement 2012
Client with professional degree and career sought divorce from spouse also with professional career Divorce agreement reached and case filed with the Probate and Family Court within 7 weeks of initial meeting with client.

Personal Injury

Medical Malpractice Verdict
Intraoperative burn from electrocautery. Plaintiff verdict, $121,000.00 plus interest. Defendant offer prior to trial $5,000.00. Settled post trial on appeal $237,000.00.

Settlement Electrical Explosion
Burn injury master electrician, settled after opening statements $250,000.00.

Settlement slip and fall
Rupture Disc, fall down stairs $295,000.00.

Medical malpractice
Two week jury trial, William Daily, Defense Counsel Sloan & Walsh, (also known for defending doctors in high profile cases Reggie Lewis Trial and Charlie Weiss Trial), zero offer prior to trial, case settled on morning of closing statements $450,000.00.

Product liability Jury Verdict
Defect Vault Door, bank worker amputates portion of finger, $15,000 offer prior to trial, plaintiff verdict $55,000.00 plus interest, case settled post-trial $95,000.00.

Settlement Product Liability
Defective door latch paraplegic, Ford Motor Company co-defendant, first case in Massachusetts to allow seat belt defense at trial (Lawyers Weekly September 1993), settled with co-defendants $1,250,000.00.

Settlement Lead Paint Poisoning
Settled at Pre-Trial Conference $310,000.00.

Settlement Product Liability
Defective film processing machine, ruptured disc, case settled at pre-trial conference $210,000.00.

Medical Malpractice Verdict
Misdiagnosis of aspiration pneumonia, death verdict $22,800,000.00.

Premises Liability Verdict
Fraternity altercation, severed tip of middle finger, verdict $27,000.00.

Settlement, Automobile Tort
Multiple femur fractures, settled second day of testimony for full insurance coverage available $500,000.00.

Automobile Tort Verdict
Soft tissue back injury, verdict $45,000.00 with interest.

Settlement Product Liability
Chemical burns to child from spilled drain cleaner, settled at pre-trial conference $800,000.00.

Premises Liability Verdict
Slip and fall, fractured calcaneus bone of foot, defendant offers $6,000.00 prior to trial, plaintiff verdict $52,000.00.

Premises Liability Verdict
Soft tissue back injury, plaintiff slipped on freshly waxed floor, zero offer prior to trial, plaintiff verdict $84,000.00 with interest.

Plaintiff Verdict
Negligent supervision, car fire, burns to back of hands, defendant offer zero prior to trial, plaintiff verdict with interest $137,000.00.

Settlement Gas Explosion
Fracture T-11, and humerus, minor 1st degree burns, bystander at gas explosion site, $1,100,000.00.

Settlement Slip & Fall
Plaintiff fell on ice and snow, fractured ankle settled at pre-trial conference $75,000.00.

Settlement Premises Liability
Sub-contractor employee fell through hole in first floor to basement at home construction site, skull fracture no permanent injury $125,000.00.

Medical Malpractice Settlement
Negligent venipuncture, temporary nerve injury, $45,000.00.

Premise Liability Verdict
Fall down stairs, knee injury, offer prior to trial $10,000.00, verdict $46,000.00. Subsequent unfair settlement practice lawsuit against underlying insurance company for unfair settlement and insurance practices settled 2006 for additional $75,000.00.

Settlement Medical Malpractice
Negligent pre-operative bowel preparation prior to surgery causing abdominal infection settled on eve of trial $500,000.00.

Settlement Motor vehicle tort
Soft tissue back 64 year old with history of back problems, $37,500.00.

Unfair Practices Claim Against Home Improvement Contractor
My client a small home improvement contractor was sued for faulty home improvement including masonry and landscaping work. Claim alleged in excess of $100,000.00 damage, plus consumer protection violations for triple damages that could reach $300,000.00. Case fully litigated, experts employed, case pre-tried and on trial day one prior to jury selection case settled for 15,000.00.

Personal Injury Premises Liability
Plaintiff used toilet at Home Depot. When he sat down the seat which was not securely fastened slid sideways pinching his penis. Treatment consisted of 1 ER visit and 1 follow up visit. Diagnosis was bruised penis, total medical bills $685.00. Settled for $6,850.00.

Settlement bad faith insurance claim
Homeowner with tree fall that hit home. Insurance company paid 54,000.00, but denied all further coverage based on exclusions for pre-existing rot in framing. Suit commenced under Consumer protection and bad faith insurance claim practices Mass General Laws 93A, 176D. Once case filed after initial discovery insurer offered additional 20k and indicated that if 20k not accepted then offer would decrease as discovery was pursued and billed to insurer. Insurer litigated case and mounted vigorous defense. Argued motion for summary judgment, motion denied. Prior to pre-trial conference insurer agreed to pay additional $95,000.00.

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